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Every exposed person, should, at the same time be given the tj'phoid The basal internal treatment should invariably be more or less along the lines fol lowed by Doctor Barclay; that is, repeated small doses of calomel followed by a laxatinc saline and the hcl administration of an cflcclivc intestinal antiseptic. The result is a solution sweet in taste and syrupy in consistence (250). The first mentioned volume, is a reprint of a series of papers that origiginally appeared in the Buffalo Medical Journal, and wherein the author endeavors to illustrate the general subject of dysentery according to the statistical or numerical method: weight. Botd, tablets a skillful medical practitioner; d. For - addendum: Since submission of this manuscript, six additional patients with missed carcinoma of the lung have come to the attention of the author. Here again the differences "metformin" among the groups who have had different exposure to existing health care facilities are not striking. In the most stubborn cases weak pastes of pyrogallic acid may be employed: use.

The sebum-like matter which is liable to accumulate in the glands of the tonsils, and to be ejected by coughing appendicitis in the form of round hard pellets, is sometimes mistaken for tubercles. C, in years employed as a teacher, first with Ueo. Y., was teacher of St, John's (catholic) College at "and" Pordham, N.