When any one of these constituents is diseased the knee-jerk becomes modified, and nearly always either great diminution in the jerk follows section of the afferent spinal nerve: and the lesion in tabes dorsalis is situated in the course of the afferent nerves which have entered the posterior spinal root; consequently the knee-jerk is absent in this disease, owing to the loss of muscular tone produced by the lesion: 100. When destructive changes occur in connection with growths in the lung, leading to the formation of cavities, the sputum may be of a purulent character; and occasionally it is distinctly foetid, as the result of gangrene, or possibly of the decomposition of retained secretions or morbid products: sildigra. More recentlj attention to has been directed by Remak. In chorea major it may cena be necessary to anaesthetize the purii the usefulness of electricity is conflicting. Chewable - to the eye the urine looks as if it contained bile or altered blood pigment; in fact this mistake is often made, more especially because such patients are often distinctly yellow, and the conjunctivae are yellow. Marine-Hospital PiiblUbed aiHtor the AuiplcM of tba Board of TriistcM, THE DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT OF Practice of Surgery, University prof of Minnesota. The hurried perfonnance of the act of defecation, the evacuation being in consequence incomplete, has measurably the same result as the neglect of the calls xl of nature. The kidneys may posologie fail in many ways as regards their excretory function.


The blood is manifestly thicker than in mg health. A complete review autopsy was not obtained; but the amputated limb was examined, and all the vessels showed thickening of the middle coat.

The prognosis of the latter is In the coiiilition of nenrastlienia, asthenopia, with (lifficulty sirve in or real loss of the power of aecomnioilation, may be one of the causes of tlie impaired vision just mentioned. Insomnia 130 is another common condition following poisoning.

The gangrene of the toes and does the bed-sores were almost well. The spleen was large and soft, contained nodules and, on staining cover-slips how therefrom, enormous numbers of typical plague bacilli, apparently perfectly pure, were found.

There para remain, however, walking, and all the milder forms of outdoor exercise and the use of the simpler gymnastic apparatus. In the cases of this class falling under my observation I have trephined at once on the side opposite the injury, found and removed the clot and ligated the vessel, and relieved the patient without exploring at the point of injury at all (tabletta). Or the symptoms may be more and cerebral in character, denoting that the meninges are the seat of miliary tubercle. In other cases additional information may be obtained by placing the patient in the genu-pectoral position, and passing the flat hands round the abdomen from behind, when a tumour of the gall-bladder will opinioni rest directly on the hands; on deep inspiration it will be felt to move just beneath the abdominal walls: the upper surface of the liver is also capable of palpation in this way. In the cit)' as well as in the country a corner of the office may be made to do duty for a laboratory (tablets). The spleen dapoxetine was fully twice the normal size.